Early Dismissals


Aplington-Parkersburg- Dismissing 2 HRs early,


Bremwood- dismissing at 1:55,


Cedar Falls high school only- dismissing at 1:15,


Charles City- 2 HRs early,


Clarksville- 2 HRs early,


Denver- 2 HRs early,


Dike-New Hartford- 2 HRs,


Don Bosco- early dismissal,


Dunkerton- dismissing 1,


Janesville- Dismissing at 1,


N-P- 2 HRs early,


River Hills- dismissing 2 HRs,


Sumner-Fredericksburg- 2 HRs early,


Tripoli- dismissing at 12:45 with no MS practices or daycare,


Wapsie Valley- dismissing 2 HRs early,


Waterloo high schools only- dismissing at 1,


W-SR- Dismissing early and using their Wednesday schedule,











































































































































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