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Listen to our interview with Waverly Mayor Chuck Infelt and Waverly City Engineer Mike Cherry. Chuck and Mike...more>>
An Iowa girl has drowned during a family gathering on a Wisconsin island on the Mississippi River. The Grant County Sheriff's Office says 2-year-old Bryle Morgan, of Waterloo died early yesterday at ...more>>
  Sunday night, the Iowa Department of Corrections placed Darius Caston on escape notice. He has an unexcused absence from a Waterloo work release facility. Caston was sentenced to 20-ye...more>>
The federal government has announced plans to step up monitoring of wild birds for avian influenza this fall to provide an early warning of any resurgence of a disease that devastated poultry farms in...more>>
Listen to our interview with Travis Tolliver and Tiffany Schrage. Chamber Chat...more>>
The Waverly Dog Park Group continues to work on adding features to the park in hopes of being open around late August to early September. Waverly Leisure Services, Tab Ray, talks about some of the fe...more>>
Listen to our interview with W-SR A.D. Dave Litterer. Dave Litterer...more>>
Listen to our interview with Allison Rasmussen and Hadleigh Wolff about the new musical theatre class offered by the Waverly Area Creativity Coop. Allison and Hadleigh...more>>
Waverly hosted the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover last weekend.  The Waverly Police Department says there were very few arrests consider the large crowd that they estimated to reached between 15,...more>>
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